Winter Session
Jan. 4-22, 2021

Snowman made by UB students and dressed in a UB winter scarf and hat.


Q: Where can I find out what courses are being offered this winter?

A: See the classes page.

Q: When are the deadlines to add/drop/resign winter classes?

A: See the Office of the Registrar website for current deadlines.

Q: How do I register for winter courses?

A: You can register for courses via HUB once you receive and activate your UBIT username, password and UB person number. Please contact the Office of the Registrar if you are experiencing any registration problems. You are also encouraged to consult with the department and professor if you have any course specific questions.

Q: Where can I find online classes?

A: See the classes page.

Q: How can I take a test online from home?

A: The SUNY Exam Proctoring System is a tool that provides online students with a simple web-based interface to search, locate and suggest proctored testing centers in New York State. Consult with the department and professor for other methods of online testing.

Q: Can I use my financial aid for winter session?

A: Current UB students may be eligible for financial aid for winter session. Please visit the Financial Aid for Winter Session website and speak with a financial aid advisor.

Q: Can I use financial aid for study abroad?

A: Please visit the Financial Aid for Study Abroad website and speak with a financial aid advisor. You should also speak with a study abroad advisor.

Q: Who do I contact for more information on UBThisWinter courses?

A: The UBThisWinter enrollment office is more than happy to assist you with any winter questions. Please don’t hesitate to contact the office by email at

Q: How do I purchase my academic books and supplies for winter courses with my financial aid funds?

A: Eligible students that have an anticipated credit on their UB student account may be able to apply that credit towards the purchase of books and supplies from the University Bookstore. Please visit the UB Card staff at 1Capen to confirm eligibility or contact

Q: The course I am interested in taking this winter has pre-requisites. How do I send proof that I have successfully completed these pre-requisites?

A: If you have taken the pre-requisite(s) at another institution, please send an electronic copy of your transcript showing successful completion of the pre-requisite course(s) directly to the instructor of the course you plan to take for winter session. You can use the UB phone book to find faculty contact information.

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